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  The following is the Ma at Stanford University speech: Ma : Hello everyone . Today I feel very honored to be here to meet you . About a few months ago , Stanford invited me to lecture . I did not expect . Many people say that because of all about Yahoo , Alibaba, and many other news, this time to speak here is very sensitive . But since I made a promise that I came. Today, if you have any questions to ask me, I will be qestions. 

  以下为马云在斯坦福大学演讲全文: 马云:大家好。我今天感到非常荣幸能来到这里和大家见面。大约几个月前,斯坦福邀请我来演讲。我没有意料到。很多人说因为所有关于雅虎,阿里巴巴,和许多其他的新闻,这个时间点来这里演讲是非常的敏感。但是既然我做了一个承诺,我还是来了。今天如果你有任何问题要问我,我都会一一回答。 

  I came to the United States today is the first 15 days , and I intend to stay here for a year . No one knows this plan . Even my company do not know. You asked me why I came here . To intend to do to prepare for the acquisition of Yahoo ? No, we are too sensitive. I came here because I'm tired. Over the past 16 years was too tired . In 1994 I created my career, discovered the Internet, and crazy, and then gave up my teaching job . At that time I felt like a Mongolian eyes like riding on the back of the tiger blind , all the way to throw beat fight, but still struggle, survive . Work for the government for 16 months after the 1999 establishment of Ali Baba .

  今天是我来美国的第 15 天, 而且我打算在这里待上一年。 这个计 划没有人知道。甚至我的公司也不知道。大家问我为什么要来这里。 要打算作收购雅虎的准备吗?不,大家都太敏感了。我来这里是因为 我累了。过去 16 年来太累了。我在 1994 年开创我的事业,发现了互 联网,并为之疯狂,然后放弃了我的教师工作。那时候我觉得自己就 像是蒙了眼睛骑在盲虎背上似的,一路摔摔打打,但依然奋斗着、生 存着。在政府机关工作了 16 个月之后,1999 年建立了阿里巴巴。