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英语励志演讲稿:Discover myself

2010-11-20 08:00 浏览:
Good afternoon Ladies and gentlemen!Today the topic of my speech is “Discover myself”
  I think each people is unique.Everyone is different .
  I don’t need to envy others,because I think I am the only one in the world.
  So do u really know yourself?
  In my parents’ eyes,I am a naughty boy. In my friends’ eyes, I am a friendly boy.In my teachers’ eyes,I am a boy which progresses.
  But how do I think of myself?
  I don’t know.
  Everone has merits and shortcomings. we need to discover our disadvantages and get rid of it . However, Lookers-on see most often.So mentors are necessary.
  In elementary school, I didn’t know the importance of studying.I just know playing all day.One day my english teacher told me (that) she thought I was a intelligent boy.I was shocked by what she said.I didn’t do well in my english subject at that time.I was encouraged by what she said.In other words,what she said made me exicted.Since then,I fell in love with English.I started to read some English novels and listen to music.My english teacher taught me patiently and encouraged me to insist on doing these.I was interested in english.I found it was easy to learn english.It does’t like I thought it would be difficult.Maybe I had talent in learning english.However,if I don’t listen to my english teacher.Maybe I would get lost.
  Everybody should have confidence in discovering yourselves,although it is a difficult journey.When there is a will,there is a way.
  Thank u 4 listening!