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2010-05-28 08:00 浏览:
  Hello,every one.I’m ××.Today,I am glad to give a speech for you about the Asian Games.We all know that the 16th Asian Games in 2010 12-27 November in Guangzhou, China, Guangzhou is the second Chinese city to obtain the right to host the Asian Games.
  Asian Olympic Games chooses China once more, once again had proven our great motherland the important position which and the good prestige has in the international society; Asian Olympic Games has chosen Guangzhou, has proven the ancient Guangzhou’s broad bearing and the modernized Guangzhou’s infinite charm. This is Guangzhou people’s pride, is also all China’s youth’s pride! the 2001 year’s nation “nine transported” trades Guangzhou “changes”; in 2010, definitely is Guangzhou historical development milestone, “Asian Olympic Games” will trade a modernized metropolis. we want in the testimony Guangzhou history this unforgettable time. The new battle path “is higher, is quicker, is stronger” the Olympics spirit and Guangzhou person spirit unifies perfectly, leans “auspiciously the sentiment deduction, the green, the civilization” “Asian Olympic Games” the new subject; Leans new path which under the sentiment deduction scientific development concept instruction Guangzhou develops!
  I hope that Asian Games can have a good end!

  嗨,大家好。我是××,今天,我很高兴在大家面前做一个关于亚运会的演讲。第十六届亚运会将在中国的广州举行,2010年11月12日至27日, 广州将会以举办亚运会而成为我国第二个城市。