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学生英语演讲稿:learn to share学会分享

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  One day, god said to a priest: ‘come, And I want to take you to see the hell.” They entered a room where so many people were sitting around a cooking pot. They looked at it but no one wants to say or do anything. They felt not only hungry but also disappointed .Everyone has a spoon. But the hAndle of the spoon were too long for the food to be sent into their mouths.
   “Come, now I want to take you to the heaven. ”God took the priest to the heaven And entered another room. This room was the same as the first one. There were so many people sitting around a cooking pot, And the hAndles of their spoon were as long as those of the first group of people. There was nothing different but the atmosphere. People here drank And ate, speaking And laughing. The priest felt puzzled And asked God. God answered with a smile. ”Can’t you see? people in the second room here learnt to feed each other “ The priest suddenly saw the light.
  “来吧,现在我要带你到天堂。 “上帝的神父到了天堂,进入另一个房间。这间屋子作为第一个相同。有这么多身边的人一个锅坐着,他们的勺子手柄一样的第一组的人长。没有什么不同,但气氛。这里的人喝酒,吃饭,说话和笑。神父感到不解地问上帝。上帝微笑着回答。 “你没看见?在第二个房间里学会了喂对方“牧师人们突然看到了光明。
  This story tells us that we should learn to share And give, And develop the good habit of loving and helping one another. The niggards who we saw in the hell would rather make themselves hungry than share with others.
  As a British poet said:” Taken away love, our earth would be a grave. Sharing is an idea state, a wisdom And distillation. Sharing love, happiness And sadness is all that we need. There are so many people who don’t want to share with others .whatever they do they will think about themselves first. These people can never understAnd the real meaning of sharing. People are always imagining that they can live a good life in the heaven .Because of imagination, we always feel we are far away from the heaven .In fact, the heaven is not far away from us .